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Effects of conjugated linoleic acid and endurance training on peripheral blood and bone marrow of trained mice 1-gen-2007 Di Felice, V; Macaluso, Filippo; Montalbano, A; Gammazza, Am; Palumbo, D; Angelone, T; Bellafiore, M; Farina, F.
Increased cx43 and angiogenesis in exercised mouse hearts. 1-gen-2007 Bellafiore, M; Sivverini, G; Palumbo, D; Macaluso, Filippo; Bianco, A; Palma, A; Farina, F.
Increased expression of titin in mouse gastrocnemius muscle in response to an endurance-training program. 1-gen-2007 Bellafiore, M; Cappello, F; Palumbo, D; Macaluso, Filippo; Bianco, A; Palma, A; Farina, F.
Cytokine- and interferon-modulating properties of Echinacea spp. root tinctures stored at -20 degrees C for 2 years 1-gen-2007 Mccann, Da; Solco, A; Liu, Y; Macaluso, Filippo; Murphy, Pa; Kohut, Ml; Senchina, Ds
HSP90 and eNOS partially co-localize and change cellular localization in relation to different ECM components in 2D and 3D cultures of adult rat cardiomyocytes 1-gen-2007 Di Felice, V; Cappello, F; Montalbano, A; Ardizzone, Nm; De Luca, A; Macaluso, Filippo; Amelio, D; Cerra, Mc; Zummo, G.
Endurance training damages small airway epithelium in mice 1-gen-2007 Chimenti, L; Morici, G; Paternò, A; Bonanno, A; Siena, L; Licciardi, A; Veca, M; Guccione, W; Macaluso, Filippo; Bonsignore, G; Bonsignore, Mr
OPLA scaffold, collagen I, and horse serum induce an higher degree of myogenic differentiation of adult rat cardiac stem cells 1-gen-2009 Di Felice, V; Ardizzone, Nm; De Luca, A; Marcianò, V; Marino Gammazza, A; Macaluso, Filippo; Manente, L; Cappello, F; De Luca, A; Zummo, G.
Cardiac stem cell research: an elephant in the room? 1-gen-2009 Di Felice, V; De Luca, A; Colorito, Ml; Montalbano, A; Ardizzone, Nm; Macaluso, Filippo; Gammazza, Am; Cappello, F; Zummo, G.
Soccer players have a better standing balance in nondominant one-legged stance 1-gen-2010 Barone, R; Macaluso, Filippo; Traina, M; Leonardi, V; Farina, F; Di Felice, V.
Effects of three different water temperatures on dehydration in competitive swimmers 1-gen-2011 Macaluso, Filippo; Di Felice, V.; Boscaino, G.; Bonsignore, G.; Stampone, T.; Farina, F.; Morici, G.
Current evidence that exercise can increase the number of adult stem cells 1-gen-2012 Macaluso, Filippo; Myburgh, Kh
Satellite cell count, VO(2max) , and p38 MAPK in inactive to moderately active young men 1-gen-2012 Macaluso, Filippo; Brooks, Ne; van de Vyver, M; Van Tubbergh, K; Niesler, Cu; Myburgh, Kh
Effect of conjugated linoleic acid on testosterone levels in vitro and in vivo after an acute bout of resistance exercise 1-gen-2012 Macaluso, Filippo; Morici, G; Catanese, P; Ardizzone, Nm; Marino Gammazza, A; Bonsignore, G; Lo Giudice, G; Stampone, T; Barone, R; Farina, F; Di Felice, V.
Preferential type II muscle fiber damage from plyometric exercise 1-gen-2012 Macaluso, Filippo; Isaacs, Aw; Myburgh, Kh
Sweat measurement device 1-gen-2013 Macaluso, Filippo; Myburgh Kathy, Helen
Heat stroke risk for open-water swimmers during long-distance events 1-gen-2013 Macaluso, Filippo; Barone, Rosario; Isaacs, Ashwin W; Farina, Felicia; Morici, Giuseppe; Di Felice, Valentina
Satellite cell pool expansion is affected by skeletal muscle characteristics 1-gen-2013 Macaluso, Filippo; Brooks, Ne; Niesler, Cu; Myburgh, Kh
Endurance exercise and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) supplementation up-regulate CYP17A1 and stimulate testosterone biosynthesis 1-gen-2013 Barone, R; Macaluso, Filippo; Catanese, P; Marino Gammazza, A; Rizzuto, L; Marozzi, P; Lo Giudice, G; Stampone, T; Cappello, F; Morici, G; Zummo, G; Farina, F; Di Felice, V.
Do fat supplements increase physical performance? 1-gen-2013 Macaluso, Filippo; Barone, R; Catanese, P; Carini, F; Rizzuto, L; Farina, F; Di Felice, V.
Muscle wasting and cardiac muscle damage in cachectic patients 1-gen-2013 Sangiorgi, Claudia; Macaluso, Filippo; Barone, Rosario; Dino, Elisa; Di Felice, Valentina
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