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Dielectric Spectroscopy of Human Lymphocytes Exposed to a 3Hz Pulsed Magnetic field 1-gen-1995 Zimatore, G; G., Bersani; C., Cametti; P., Conti; Gigante, G. E.; Indovina, P. L.; M., Reale; Santini, M. T.
To what extent are the passive electrical parameters of lymphocyte membranes deduced from impedance spectroscopy altered by surface roughness and microvillosity? 1-gen-1995 Zimatore, Giovanna
A dielectric relaxation study on the effects of the antitumor grugs lonidamide and Rhein on the membrane electruical properties of Ehrlich ascites tumor cells 1-gen-1995 Santini, Mv; Cametti, C; Zimatore, G; Malorni, W; Benassi, M; Gentile, Fp; Floridi, A; Indovina, Pl
Use of low-frequency electrical impedance measurements to determine phospholipid content in amniotic fluid 1-gen-1996 F., DE LUCA; Cametti, C; Zimatore, G; Maraviglia, B; Pachì, A
Influence of different glycosphingolipids on the conductometric properties of a model phospholipid membrane system 1-gen-1996 Zimatore, Giovanna
Conductometric properties of human erythrocyte membranes: dependence on haematocrit and alkali metal ions of the suspending medium 1-gen-1997 Chillemi, G; Falconi, Marco; Amadei, A; Zimatore, Giovanna; Desideri, A; Dinola, A
The Essential Dynamics of Cu, Zn Superoxide dismutase: Suggestion of intersbunit communication 1-gen-1997 Chillemi, G.; A., Amadei; A., Desideri; M., Falconi; Zimatore, G; A., DI NOLA
Revealing deterministic structures in clicks-evoked otoacoustic emissions 1-gen-2000 Zimatore, G.; Giuliani, A.; Parlapiano, C.; Grisanti, G.; Colosimo, A.
Comparison of transient otoacoustic emission responses from neonatal and adult ears 1-gen-2002 Zimatore, G; Hatzopoulos, S; Giuliani, A; Martini, A; COLOSIMO A. J APPL PHYSIOL., Jun; -,
Invariant and subject-dependent features of otoacoustic emissions 1-gen-2002 Zimatore, G; Giuliani, A.; Hatzopoulos, S.; Martini, A.; Colosimo, A.
Otoacoustic emissions at different click intensities: Invariant and subject-dependent features of otoacoustic emissions 1-gen-2003 Zimatore, G.; Giuliani, A.; Hatzopoulos, S.; Martini, A.; Colosimo, A.
Individual and Pathological Features in Otoacoustic Emissions Identified by Recurrences Quantification Analysis 1-gen-2005 Colosimo, Alfredo; Zimatore, Giovanna; Giuliani, Alessandro; Hatzopoulos, Stavros; Martini, Alessandro
Musical Consonance can be Inferred from intervals formed with pure tones using nonlinear analysis 1-gen-2005 LLUIS LLIGOÑA, Trulla; Alessandro, Giuliani; Zimatore, G; Alfredo, Colosimo; JOSEPH P., Zbilut
Vestibular rehabilitation and 6-month follow up using objective and subjective measures 1-gen-2006 Meli, A; Zimatore, G; Badaracco, C; DE ANGELIS, E; Tufarelli, D
Effects of vestibular rehabilitation therapy on emotional aspects in chronic vestibular patients 1-gen-2007 Meli, Annalisa; Zimatore, Giovanna; Badaracco, Carlo; De Angelis, Ezio; Tufarelli, Davide
Human acoustic fingerprints 1-gen-2008 Zimatore, G; M., Cavagnaro; A., Giuliani; A., Colosimo
Come2foglie. Metafore di scienza 1-gen-2010 Zimatore, Giovanna
Urban noise: physical and biomedical considerations in an european context 1-gen-2010 Zimatore, G
Post-processing analysis of transient-evoked otoacoustic emissions to detect 4 kHz-notch hearing impairment - a pilot study 1-gen-2011 Zimatore, Giovanna; Fetoni, Anna Rita; Paludetti, Gaetano; Cavagnaro, Marta; Podda, Maria Vittoria; Troiani, Diana
Earlier appraisal of seismic and volcanic events by means of recurrence quantification analysis of AE time-series: preliminary results 1-gen-2012 Zimatore, G; C., Rafanelli; M., Poscolieri
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