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ErbB-3 and ErbB-4 expression in the mouse olfactory system 1-gen-1998 Perroteau, I.; Oberto, M.; Ieraci, A.; Bovolin, P.; Fasolo, A.
Met signaling mutants as tools for developmental studies 1-gen-2000 Ponzetto, C.; Pante, G.; Prunotto, C.; Ieraci, A.; Maina, F.
Viable hypomorphic signaling mutant of the Met receptor reveals a role for hepatocyte growth factor in postnatal cerebellar development 1-gen-2002 Ieraci, A.; Forni, P. E.; Ponzetto, C.
Analysis of Mlc-lacZ met mutants highlights the essential function of met for migratory precursors of hypaxial muscles and reveals a role for met in the development of hyoid arch-derived facial muscles 1-gen-2004 Prunotto, C.; Crepaldi, T.; Forni, P. E.; Ieraci, A.; Kelly, R. G.; Tajbakhsh, S.; Buckingham, M.; Ponzetto, C.
Sortilin controls intracellular sorting of brain-derived neurotrophic factor to the regulated secretory pathway 1-gen-2005 Chen, Z.; Ieraci, A.; Teng, H.; Dall, H.; Meng, C.; Herrera, D. G.; Nykjaer, A.; Hempstead, B. L.; Lee, F. S.
A novel endocytic recycling signal distinguishes biological responses of Trk neurotrophin receptors 1-gen-2005 Chen, Z.; Ieraci, A.; Tanowitz, M.; Lee, F. S.
Genetic variant BDNF (Val66Met) polymorphism alters anxiety-related behavior 1-gen-2006 Chen, Z.; Jing, D.; Bath, K. G.; Ieraci, A.; Khan, T.; Siao, C.; Herrera, D. G.; Toth, M.; Yang, C.; Mcewen, B. S.; Hempstead, B. L.; Lee, F. S.
Nicotinamide protects against ethanol-induced apoptotic neurodegeneration in the developing mouse brain 1-gen-2006 Ieraci, A.; Herrera, D. G.
Fetal alcohol syndrome and essential fatty acids: authors' reply 1-gen-2006 Herrera, D.; Ieraci, A.
Single alcohol exposure in early life damages hippocampal stem/progenitor cells and reduces adult neurogenesis 1-gen-2007 Ieraci, A.; Herrera, D. G.
Met signals hepatocyte survival by preventing Fas-triggered FLIP degradation in a PI3K-Akt-dependent manner 1-gen-2007 Moumen, A.; Ieraci, A.; Patané, S.; Solé, C.; Comella, J. X.; Dono, R.; Maina, F.
The galactocerebrosidase enzyme contributes to maintain a functional neurogenic niche during early post-natal CNS development 1-gen-2012 Santambrogio, S.; Ricca, A.; Maderna, C.; Ieraci, A.; Aureli, M.; Sonnino, S.; Kulik, W.; Aimar, P.; Bonfanti, L.; Martino, S.; Gritti, A.
Binding of the repressor complex REST-mSIN3b by small molecules restores neuronal gene transcription in Huntington's disease models 1-gen-2013 Conforti, P.; Zuccato, C.; Gaudenzi, G.; Ieraci, A.; Camnasio, S.; Buckley, N. J.; Mutti, C.; Cotelli, F.; Contini, A.; Cattaneo, E.
Pharmacological characterization of BDNF promoters I, II and IV reveals that serotonin and norepinephrine input is sufficient for transcription activation 1-gen-2014 Musazzi, L.; Rimland, J.; Ieraci, A.; Racagni, G.; Domenici, E.; Popoli, M.
Modification of the BDNF gene that induces depression-like states is associated to pro-inflammatory and pro-thrombotic phenotype in mice 1-gen-2015 Barbieri, S.; Amadio, P.; Gianellini, S.; Tarantino, E.; Ieraci, A.; Brioschi, M.; Banfi, C.; Lee, F. S.; Tremoli, E.
Expression and Dendritic Trafficking of BDNF-6 Splice Variant are Impaired in Knock-In Mice Carrying Human BDNF Val66Met Polymorphism 1-gen-2015 Mallei, A.; Baj, G.; Ieraci, A.; Corna, S.; Musazzi, L.; Lee, F. S.; Tongiorgi, E.; Popoli, M.
Physical exercise and acute restraint stress differentially modulate hippocampal brain-derived neurotrophic factor transcripts and epigenetic mechanisms in mice 1-gen-2015 Ieraci, A.; Mallei, A.; Musazzi, L.; Popoli, M.
Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Val66Met Human Polymorphism Impairs the Beneficial Exercise-Induced Neurobiological Changes in Mice 1-gen-2016 Ieraci, A.; Madaio, A. I.; Mallei, A.; Lee, F. S.; Popoli, M.
Social Isolation Stress Induces Anxious-Depressive-Like Behavior and Alterations of Neuroplasticity-Related Genes in Adult Male Mice 1-gen-2016 Ieraci, A.; Mallei, A.; Popoli, M.
Effect of clotting duration and temperature on BDNF measurement in human serum 1-gen-2017 Amadio, P.; Sandrini, L.; Ieraci, A.; Tremoli, E.; Barbieri, S. S.
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