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A methodological proposal for the evaluation of potable water use risk 1-gen-2015 Maiolo, Mario; Pantusa, Daniela
An optimization procedure for the sustainable management of water resources 1-gen-2016 Mario, Maiolo; Pantusa, Daniela
Combined reuse of wastewater and desalination for the management of water systems in conditions of scarcity 1-gen-2017 Mario, Maiolo; Pantusa, Daniela
Optimization of drinking water distribution systems in relation to the effects of climate change 1-gen-2017 Maiolo, Mario; Mendicino, Giuseppe; Pantusa, Daniela; Senatore, Alfonso
Wind/wave misalignment effects on mooring line tensions for a spar buoy wind turbine 1-gen-2018 Riefolo, Luigia; Del Jesus, Fernando; García Raul, Guanche; Tomasicchio Giuseppe, Roberto; Pantusa, Daniela
Sustainability criteria for the selection of water supply pipeline 1-gen-2018 Maiolo, Mario; Capano, Gilda; Carini, Manuela; Pantusa, Daniela
Modelling and optimization of least-cost water distribution networks with multiple supply sources and users 1-gen-2018 Carini, Manuela; Maiolo, Mario; Pantusa, Daniela; Chiaravalloti, Francesco; Capano, Gilda
A proposal for multiple reuse of urban wastewater 1-gen-2018 Maiolo, Mario; Pantusa, Daniela
Infrastructure Vulnerability Index of drinking water systems to terrorist attacks 1-gen-2018 Maiolo, Mario; Pantusa, Daniela
A New Vulnerability Measure for Water Distribution Network 1-gen-2018 Maiolo, Mario; Pantusa, Daniela; Carini, Manuela; Capano, Gilda; Chiaravalloti, Francesco; Procopio, Antoniio
Application of a Coastal Vulnerability Index. A Case Study along the Apulian Coastline, Italy 1-gen-2018 Pantusa, Daniela; D'Alessandro, Felice; Riefolo, Luigia; Principato, Francesca; Tomasicchio Giuseppe, Roberto
The new pipes choice criteria for water distribution system 1-gen-2019 Maiolo, Mario; Pantusa, Daniela; Capano, Gilda; Carini, Manuela
Trends in metering potable water 1-gen-2019 Maiolo, Mario; Carini, Manuela; Capano, Gilda; Pantusa, Daniela; Iusi, Marco
Large-scale offshore wind production in the Mediterranean Sea 1-gen-2019 Pantusa, Daniela; Tomasicchio Giuseppe, Roberto
Sustainable Water Management Index, SwaM_Index 1-gen-2019 Maiolo, Mario; Pantusa, Daniela
Optimization model for water distribution network planning in a realistic orographic framework 1-gen-2020 Maiolo, Mario; Sousa, Joaquim; Carini, Manuela; Chiaravalloti, Francesco; Bonora Marco, Amos; Capano, Gilda; Pantusa, Daniela
Performance management of demand and pressure driven analysis in a monitored water distribution network 1-gen-2020 Bonora Marco, Amos; Carini, Manuela; Capano, Gilda; Cotrona, Rocco; Pantusa, Daniela; Sousa, Joaquim; Maiolo, Mario
History and heritage of coastal protection in the southern Thyrrenian area 1-gen-2020 Maiolo, Mario; Carini, Manuela; Pantusa, Daniela; Capano, Gilda; Bonora Marco, Amos; Lo Feudo, Teresa.; Sinopoli, Sinopoli; Mel Riccardo, Alvise
Floating Offshore Renewable Energy Farms. A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis at Brindisi, Italy 1-gen-2020 Pantusa, Daniela; Francone, Antonio; Tomasicchio Giuseppe, Roberto
Optimization of submarine outfalls with a multiport diffuser design 1-gen-2020 Sinopoli, Salvatore; Bonora Marco, Amos; Capano, Gilda; Carini, Manuela; Pantusa, Daniela; Maiolo, Mario
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