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Comment #2 on "Differences in Ventilatory Threshold for Exercise Prescription in Outpatient Diabetic and Sarcopenic Obese Subjects" 1-gen-2018 Kuvačić, Goran; Ardigò, Luca Paolo; Padulo, Johnny
Nordic walking versus natural walking: an easy approach to comparing metabolic demands 1-gen-2018 Padulo, Johnny; Iuliano, Enzo; Dello Iacono, Antonio; Milić, Mirjana; Rizzi, Manuela; Ardigò, Luca Paolo
Leg Press vs. Smith Machine: Quadriceps Activation and Overall Perceived Effort Profiles 1-gen-2018 Migliaccio, Gian Mario; Dello Iacono, Antonio; Ardigò, Luca Paolo; Samozino, Pierre; Iuliano, Enzo; Grgantov, Zoran; Padulo, Johnny
Validity and reliability of a standalone low-end 50-Hz GNSS receiver during running 1-gen-2019 Padulo, Johnny; Iuliano, Enzo; Brisola, Gabriel; Dello Iacono, Antonio; Zagatto, Alessandro M.; Lupo, Corrado; Fuglsang, Thomas; Ardigò, Luca P.; Cular., Drazen
The Effect of Physical Activity on Cognitive Performance in an Italian Elementary School: Insights From a Pilot Study Using Structural Equation Modeling 1-gen-2019 Padulo, J; Bragazzi, Nl; De Giorgio, A; Grgantov, Z; Prato, S; Ardigò, Lp
Validity and Reliability of a Light-Based Electronic Target for Testing Response Time in Fencers 1-gen-2019 De Giorgio, Andrea; Iuliano, Enzo; Turner, Anthony; Millevolte, Carlo; Cular, Drazen; Ardigò, Luca P; Padulo, Johnny
The ball kicking speed: A new, efficient performance indicator in youth soccer 1-gen-2019 Rađa, Ante; Kuvačić, Goran; De Giorgio, Andrea; Sellami, Maha; Ardigò, Luca Paolo; Bragazzi, Nicola Luigi; Padulo, Johnny
The psychophysiological effects of different tempo music on endurance versus high-intensity performances 1-gen-2020 Patania Maria Vittoria, ; Padulo, Johnny; Iuliano, Enzo; Ardigo', LUCA PAOLO; Čular, Dražen; Miletić, Alen; DE GIORGIO, Andrea
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 28 di 28
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