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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Motor and cognitive development: The role of karate 1-gen-2014 M., Alesi; A., Bianco; Padulo, Johnny; F., Vella; M., Petrucci; A., Paoli; A., Palma; A., Pepi
Muscle, Ligaments and Tendons Journal. Basic principles and recommendations in clinical and field science research 1-gen-2013 Padulo, Johnny; F., Oliva; A., Frizziero; N., Maffulli
Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Journal - Basic principles and recommendations in clinical and field Science Research: 2016 Update 1-gen-2016 Padulo, Johnny; Oliva, Francesco; Frizziero, Antonio; Maffulli, Nicola
A novel integrative approach to improve the quality of life by reducing pain and kinesiophobia in patients undergoing TKA: the IARA Model 1-gen-2018 Maria Padovan, Anna; Oprandi, Gianmosé; Padulo, Johnny; Bruno, Claudia; Isoardi, Michela; Gulotta, Francesca; Kuvačić, Goran; DE GIORGIO, Andrea
The acute effect of the tongue position in the mouth on knee isokinetic test performance: A highly surprising pilot study 1-gen-2013 R., di Vico; L. P., Ardigò; G., Salernitano; K., Chamari; Padulo, Johnny
The construct validity of session RPE during an intensive camp in young male Karate athletes 1-gen-2014 Padulo, Johnny; H., Chaabène; M., Tabben; M., Haddad; C., Gevat; S., Vando; L., Maurino; A., Chaouachi; K., Chamari
The development of swimming power 1-gen-2014 Gatta, G.; Leban, B.; Paderi, M.; Padulo, Johnny; Migliaccio, G. M.; Pau, M.
The effects of five weeks of kickboxing training on physical fitness 1-gen-2014 I., Ouergui; N., Hssin; M., Haddad; Padulo, Johnny; E., Franchini; N., Gmada; E., Bouhlel
Visual feedback training in young karate athletes 1-gen-2014 S., Vando; M., Haddad; D., Masala; L., Falese; Padulo, Johnny
Walking and running on treadmill: The standard criteria for kinematics studies 1-gen-2014 Padulo, Johnny; K., Chamari; L. P., Ardigò
Mostrati risultati da 17 a 26 di 26
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