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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
On the convergence rates for the three-dimensional filtered Boussinesq equations 1-gen-2021 Bisconti, L.; Catania, D.
On the Design of a Novel Two-Objective Harmony Search Approach for Distance- and Connectivity-based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks 1-gen-2013 Manjarres, Diana; Del Ser, Javier; Gil Lopez, Sergio; Vecchio, Massimo; Landa Torres, Itziar; Salcedo Sanz, Sancho; Lopez Valcarce, Roberto
On the design of embedded retaining structures following Eurocodes and the italian national code 1-gen-2011 Pane, V; Cecconi, M; Cattoni, Elisabetta
On the economic sustainability of supplying bandwidth policies in multi-layer wireless cognitive networks 1-gen-2016 Aloi, G.; Grandinetti, L.; Pace, P.; Pisacane, Ornella
On the effectiveness of reward-based policies: Are we using the proper concept of tax reward? 1-gen-2022 Lisi, Gaetano
On the Effects of Ethical Climate(s) on Employees' Behavior: A Social Identity Approach 1-gen-2018 Pagliaro, Stefano; Lo Presti, Alessandro; Barattucci, Massimiliano; Giannella, Valeria A; Barreto, Manuela
On the exact controllability of a Galerkin scheme for 3D viscoelastic fluids with fractional Laplacian viscosity and anisotropic filtering 1-gen-2024 Bisconti, L.; Catania, D.
On the existence of an inertial manifold for a deconvolution model of the 2D mean Boussinesq equations 1-gen-2018 Bisconti, Luca; Catania, Davide
On the Functional Form of the Hedonic Price Function: A Matching-theoretic Model and Empirical Evidence 1-gen-2013 Lisi, Gaetano
On the Green Vehicle Routing Problem 1-gen-2016 Pisacane, Ornella; Bruglieri, Maurizio; Mancini, Simona; Pezzella, Ferdinando
On the identification of long non-coding RNAs from RNA-seq 1-gen-2017 Cristiano, F.; Veltri, P.; Prosperi, M.; Tradigo, G.
On the identification of PoIs in glucosimeter data 1-gen-2022 Vizza, P.; Tradigo, G.; Giancotti, R.; Scala, F.; Guzzi, P. H.; Irace, C.; Flesca, S.; Veltri, P.
On the influence of feature selection in fuzzy rule-based regression model generation 1-gen-2016 Antonelli, Michela; Ducange, Pietro; Marcelloni, Francesco; Segatori, Armando
On the information rate of phase noise-limited communications 1-gen-2013 Martalo', Marco; C., Tripodi; R., Raheli
On the interaction between waves and perforated breakwaters with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics 1-gen-2014 Aristodemo, Francesco; P., Veltri; D. D., Meringolo; A., Lo Schiavo
On the latest stemmas of the «Commedia» (2007-2017). A lab report 1-gen-2020 Giola, Marco
On the meaning of narrative texts. Reconsidering Greimas' model in the light of a new socio-semiotic narrative theory 1-gen-2019 Santangelo, ANTONIO DANTE MARIA
On the numerical simulation of sand transport in liquid and multiphase pipelines 1-gen-2019 Leporini, Mariella; Terenzi, Alessandro; Marchetti, Barbara; Corvaro, Francesco; Polonara, Fabio
On the positioning error of a 2-DOF spherical parallel wrist with flexible links and joints – an FEM approach 1-gen-2015 Palmieri, Giacomo
On the reliability of measurements for a stent positioning simulation system 1-gen-2019 Tradigo, G.; Vizza, P.; Fragomeni, G.; Veltri, P.
Mostrati risultati da 6.058 a 6.077 di 8.909
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