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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)
1Psychological Aspects and Rehabilitation Protocols2013CASTELNUOVO G; MANZONI GM; VILLA V; PIETRABISSA G; MOLINARI E
2The STRATOB study: design of a randomized controlled clinical trial of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Brief Strategic Therapy with telecare in patients with obesity and binge-eating disorder referred to residential nutritional rehabilitation2011CASTELNUOVO G; MANZONI GM; VILLA V; CESA GL; PIETRABISSA G; MOLINARI E
3TECNOB Study: Ad Interim Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial of a Multidisciplinary Telecare Intervention for Obese Patients with Type-2 Diabetes2011CASTELNUOVO G; MANZONI GM; CUZZIOL P; CESA GL; CORTI S; TUZZI C; VILLA V; LIUZZI DA; PETRONI ML; MOLINARI E
4Short-term effects of a multi-disciplinary cardiac rehabilitation programme on psychological well-being, exercise capacity and weight in a sample of obese in-patients with coronary heart disease: a practice-level study.2011MANZONI GM; VILLA V; COMPARE A; CASTELNUOVO G; NIBBIO F; TITON AM; MOLINARI E; GONDONI LA
5Physiological and perceived responses obtained during gait in self-selected rhythm by women with different body mass indices [Respostas fisiológicas e perceptuais obtidas durante a caminhada em ritmo autosselecionado por mulheres com diferentes índices de massa corporal]2009Elsangedy, Hm; Krinski, K; Buzzachera, Cf; Nunes, ; Rfh, ; Almeida, Fam; Baldari, C; Guidetti, L; Campos, W; Dasilva, ; Sg,
6Do life-events that obese inpatients think happened to them soon before their subjective problematic weight gain have an effect on their current psychopathology over and beyond BMI and binge eating?2013MANZONI GM; CASTELNUOVO G; Villa V; Pietrabissa G; MOLINARI E
7An Evaluation of the Italian Version of the Yale Food Addiction Scale in Obese Adult Inpatients Engaged in a 1-Month-Weight-Loss Treatment2015Ceccarini, Martina; Manzoni, Gian Mauro; Castelnuovo, Gianluca; Molinari, Enrico
8Clinical Psychology and Medicine for the Treatment of Obesity in Out-patient Settings: The TECNOB Project,2011CASTELNUOVO G; MANZONI GM; CORTI S; CUZZIOL P; VILLA V; MOLINARI E
9Addressing motivation in globesity treatment: a new challenge for clinical psychology2012PIETRABISSA G; MANZONI GM; CORTI S; vegliante n; MOLINARI E; CASTELNUOVO G
10Internet-based behavioral interventions for obesity: an updated systematic review2011MANZONI GM; PAGNINI F; CORTI S; MOLINARI E; CASTELNUOVO G