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Evaluating BCI devices: a statistical perspective 1-gen-2014 Padulo, Johnny; Ardigo', LUCA PAOLO
Metabolic optimisation of the basketball free throw 1-gen-2015 Padulo, Johnny; Attene, Giuseppe; Migliaccio, GIAN MARIO; Cuzzolin, Francesco; Vando, Stefano; Ardigo', LUCA PAOLO
Modifications in activation of lower limb muscles as a function of initial foot position in cycling 1-gen-2015 Padulo, Johnny; Powell, Douglas W; Ardigo', LUCA PAOLO; Viggiano, Davide
Effect of Small-Sided Games and Repeated Shuffle Sprint Training on Physical Performance in Elite Handball Players 1-gen-2016 Dello Iacono, Antonio; Ardigo', LUCA PAOLO; Meckel, Yoav; Padulo, Johnny
Placebo or Cost of Changing Speed? 1-gen-2016 Ardigo', LUCA PAOLO; Padulo, Johnny
Comment on Iodice P, Cesinaro S, Romani GL, Pezzulo G: More gain less pain: balance control learning shifts the activation patterns of leg and neck muscles and increases muscular parsimony 1-gen-2016 Padulo, Johnny; Iacono, Antonio Dello; Innocenti, Bernardo; Ardigo', LUCA PAOLO
Neuromuscular and technical abilities related to age in water-polo players 1-gen-2016 DE SIATI, Fabio; Laffaye, Guillaume; Gatta, Giorgio; Dello Iacono, Antonio; Ardigo', LUCA PAOLO; Padulo, Johnny
Lower Arm Muscle Activation during Indirect-Localized Vibration: The Influence of Skill Levels When Applying Different Acceleration Loads 1-gen-2016 Padulo, Johnny; Di Giminiani, Riccardo; Dello Iacono, Antonio; Zagatto, Alessandro M; Migliaccio, GIAN MARIO; Grgantov, Zoran; Ardigo', LUCA PAOLO
Letter to the Editor concerning "Validity and reliability of photographic measures to evaluate waistline asymmetry in idiopathic scoliosis" by Matamalas A, Bagó J, D Agata E, Pellisé F (2016) Eur Spine J. 2016 Mar 14 [Epub ahead of print] 1-gen-2016 Padulo, Johnny; Milic, Mirjana; Jelaska, Igor; Ardigò, Luca Paolo
Erratum to "Need for Scientific Rigor in the Evaluation of Minimally Invasive Alternative Procedures" 1-gen-2016 Padulo, Johnny; Ardigò, Luca Paolo
Can a Repeated Sprint Ability Test Help Clear a Previously Injured Soccer Player for Fully Functional Return to Activity? A Pilot Study 1-gen-2016 Padulo, Johnny; Attene, Giuseppe; Ardigo', LUCA PAOLO; Bragazzi, Nicola L; Maffulli, Nicola; Zagatto, Alessandro M; Dello Iacono, Antonio
Infodemiological data of Ironman Triathlon in the study period 2004-2013 1-gen-2016 Mnadla, Sofiane; Bragazzi, Nicola Luigi; Rouissi, Mehdi; Chaalali, Anis; Siri, Anna; Padulo, Johnny; Ardigo', LUCA PAOLO; Brigo, Francesco; Chamari, Karim; Knechtle, Beat
Performance and Metabolic Demand of a New Repeated-Sprint Ability Test in Basketball Players: Does the Number of Changes of Direction Matter? 1-gen-2017 Zagatto, Alessandro M; Ardigò, Luca P; Barbieri, Fabio A; Milioni, Fabio; Dello Iacono, Antonio; Camargo, Bruno H F; Padulo, Johnny
Lower Limb Force, Velocity, Power Capabilities during Leg Press and Squat Movements 1-gen-2017 Padulo, Johnny; Migliaccio, Gian Mario; Ardigò, Luca Paolo; Leban, Bruno; Cosso, Marco; Samozino, Pierre
Development and Testing of a Novel Arm Cranking-Powered Watercraft 1-gen-2017 Fuglsang, Thomas; Padulo, Johnny; Spoladore, Massimo; Dalla Piazza, Michele; Ardigò, Luca P
Can a Repeated Sprint Ability Test Help Clear a Previously Injured Soccer Player for Fully Functional Return to Activity? A Pilot Study 1-gen-2017 Padulo, Johnny; Attene, Giuseppe; Ardigò, Luca P; Bragazzi, Nicola L; Maffulli, Nicola; Zagatto, Alessandro M; Dello Iacono, Antonio
Cardio-respiratory values during recovery from exercise in soccer Spanish leagues 1-gen-2018 Ramos-Álvarez, Jj; Maffulli, N; Bragazzi, Nl; Ardigò, Lp; Jiménez-Herranz, E; Naranjo-Ortiz, C; Padulo, J; Calderón Montero, Fj
Effect of Heart rate on Basketball Three-Point Shot Accuracy 1-gen-2018 Ardigò, Luca P; Kuvacic, Goran; Iacono, Antonio D; Dascanio, Giacomo; Padulo, Johnny
The Effect of Heart Rate on Jump-Shot Accuracy of Adolescent Basketball Players 1-gen-2018 Padulo, Johnny; Nikolaidis, Pantelis T.; Drazen, Cular; Antonio Dello Iacono, ; Vando, Stefano; Galasso, Maria; Dario Lo Storto, ; Ardigò, Luca P.
Relative age effect and second-tiers: No second chance for later-born players 1-gen-2018 Rađa, Ante; Padulo, Johnny; Jelaska, Igor; Ardigò, Luca Paolo; Fumarco, Luca
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