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Optimal management of renewable and fossil fuel energy systems in a smart community 1-gen-2014 C., Brandoni; Arteconi, Alessia; G., Ciriachi; F., Polonara
Characterization of a mini-channel heat exchanger for a heat pump system 1-gen-2014 Arteconi, Alessia; Giuliani, G; Tartuferi, M; Polonara, F.
Optimization of a methane expansion liquefaction cycle for small scale LNG plants 1-gen-2014 Arteconi, Alessia; Santolini, M; Bartolini, CARLO MARIA; Polonara, F.
Demand side management of the built environment for sustainable energy 1-gen-2014 Arteconi, Alessia; Polonara, F; Brandoni, C.
Performance analysis of a carbon dioxide heat pump installed in a residential application 1-gen-2014 Arteconi, Alessia; Ciarrocchi, E; Polonara, F; Chen, J. F.; Deng, S. .; Wang, R. Z.
Heat pumps and Demand Side Management for renewable energy integration in sustainable communities 1-gen-2014 Brandoni, C; Ciriachi, G; Polonara, F; Arteconi, Alessia
Integrated modeling of active demand response with electric heating systems coupled to thermal energy storage systems 1-gen-2015 Patteeuw, Dieter; Bruninx, Kenneth; Arteconi, Alessia; Delarue, Erik; D’Haeseleer, William; Helsen, Lieve
Efficiency assessment for a small heliostat solar 1-gen-2015 M., Renzi; Bartolini, CARLO MARIA; M., Santolini; Arteconi, Alessia
Demand Side Management of a Building Summer Cooling Load by Means of a Thermal Energy Storage 1-gen-2015 Arteconi, Alessia; Xu, Jing; Ciarrocchi, Eleonora; Paciello, Luca; Comodi, Gabriele; Polonara, Fabio; Wang, Ruzhu
The feasibility of liquid biogas (LBG) in Italy 1-gen-2015 Arteconi, Alessia; Spitoni, M.; Polonara, F.
Analysis of an ejector vapour compression cycle for household refrigerator 1-gen-2015 Arteconi, Alessia; Ciriachi, G.; Acar, M.; Bilgin, N.; Polonara, F.
The feasibility of liquefied methane as an alternative fuel in Europe and China 1-gen-2016 Spitoni, Marco; Polonara, Fabio; Arteconi, Alessia
The feasibility of liquefied biomethane as alternative fuel: a comparison between European and Chinese markets 1-gen-2016 Arteconi, Alessia; Spitoni, Marco; Polonara, Fabio; Spigarelli, Francesca
Active demand response with electric heating systems: Impact of market penetration 1-gen-2016 Arteconi, Alessia; Patteeuw, Dieter; Bruninx, Kenneth; Delarue, Erik; D’Haeseleer, William; Helsen, Lieve
Biogas purification and liquefaction by means of a cryogenic upgrading process 1-gen-2016 Spitoni, M.; Xiong, X.; Arteconi, Alessia; Bartolini, C. M.; Polonara, F.; Lin, W.
Monitoring of a vertical borehole ground-coupled heat pump system: A case study from a marly-limestone heat reservoir (Urbino, Central Italy) 1-gen-2016 Piscaglia, Filippo; Blasi, Alessandro; Del Moro, Stefano; Polonara, Fabio; Arteconi, Alessia; Zanarelli, Lorenzo; Renzulli, Alberto
A pilot plant with hybrid PV/T panels; system integration of a solar assisted heat pump with existing heating devices 1-gen-2017 A Tagliafico, 63. L.; Arteconi, A; Marchitto, A; Saio, C; Scarpa, F
Europe–China cooperation and competition in the green industries 1-gen-2017 Spigarelli, Francesca; Arteconi, Alessia; Curran, Louise
Innovative coupling of cogeneration units with fire tube boilers: Thermo-fluid dynamics of the fire tubes 1-gen-2017 Cioccolanti, Luca; Arteconi, Alessia; Bartolini, Carlo Maria; Polonara, Fabio
Data-driven models for short-term thermal behaviour prediction in real buildings 1-gen-2017 Ferracuti, Francesco; Fonti, Alessandro; Ciabattoni, Lucio; Pizzuti, Stefano; Arteconi, Alessia; Helsen, Lieve; Comodi, Gabriele
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 72
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